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Social Media is a great way to connect with your clients and your target market BUT... you play under the rules of the social media platform you are using.  The benefit of building a proper data base (CASL-Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation friendly) is regardless of what changes come in algorithms or the next social media trend you still own your data base and can connect with your contacts on your terms.

At Willow Graphix & Co we want to help you get your business message out and make things super simple for you in the process.  We will help develop your data base building new contacts through social media campaigns as well as help migrate existing data base to a CASL friendly contact list that will be legal with no concerns of the hefty fines.  We will develop your monthly content and create branded graphics to complement your message.  We will format for both email and print layout if both formats are needed and manage timelines to keep your message flowing monthly.  

If your business is presently using a CRM (Customer-relationship Management) we can work with your existing program, upload your e-newsletter ready for your team to send out.  Or, if you aren't using a program at present we can take care of that, no problem!.  We are in the know of a fabulous CRM program that may not be of any cost to you.

Campaigns and contest are a great way to develop an active data base and keep them interested.  We can create your monthly contest, manage your winners and keep your audience engaged reminding them monthly about your business, your product and your message.

Newsletters can be sent out monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.  Print Newsletter make great handouts in waiting rooms or mailed out with invoices. Whatever works best for your business we are here to help you connect with your existing customers and your potential customers



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