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Great time at the 2023 WIX workshop!  

We are stoked with the new features recently rolled out this year with WIX STUDIO! 

Can't wait to dazzle our clients with the new and improved WIX websites!

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April 1st, 2022 Willow Graphix & Co's is celebrating our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY! When I count the many many blessings in my life, this incredibly supportive community, the WG&Co team and my family are definitely high on the list!

Thank you so much for supporting my little business. Through all the ups and downs as I learned the ropes on being an employer, being a bookkeeper (I didn't try that for very long), a time manager (yikes!!!), and all the other positions I have held with Willow Graphix & Co as it has grown into this successful little business that it is.

Thank you to my AMAZING team who bless me every day with their kindness, generosity, patience, creativity and loyalty. Together we have created this success 

Thank you to my incredibly supportive family who have allowed me to give my all to WG&Co. Who have patiently and generously supported me every step of the way.

To God be the Glory.

WG&Co Anniversary Logo.png

Willow Graphix & Co.
Proud Recipient 
Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce
Small Business of the Year

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