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Social Media Marketing getting overlooked?  

We can be your social media marketing partner and fill in that gap for you.  


Marketing in today's world of ever changing social media can be overwhelming.  Not everyone has time to keep updated on the latest and greatest social media platforms or how to even use them.  That is where we come in...  


We can be your social media marketing partner

and fill in that gap for you.  

We can grow your brand’s audience bringing new followers into the fold, introducing your brand to folks who haven’t heard of you before.

Through social media, we can generate leads or traffic to your website building your brands awareness and SEO.  We focus on the networks where your core audience are already active.


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An account manager will be assigned to your social media campaign right from the start. They will be your point of contact for any questions or concerns along with any regular business updates that your community should know about.   The more you tell us the better.


One of the key elements to building a strong social community is finding the content they will engage with. We seek out content from suppliers (keeping your suppliers secret if desired), we highlight local events and news from the community to draw in your local customer base and interesting relevant content that will engage your social community.  We post photos or your work along with any testimonials from happy customers.


Along with posting engaging and relevant content we create and manage "like" campaigns to build and increase your community.  We watch the response and activity of your posts and boost those the community are reacting well to.


We don’t want your followers to think their comments are falling on deaf ears and encourage their engagement by replying to them in a timely manner making them feel a part of the community. We don’t want any comments or questions to go without a response and attempt to resolve any negative comments.  We follow up with you for further direction if any issues progress to a concerning level.  


We bring our expertise to the table and tailor a social media strategy that will target the right content to create a community among your followers and spur them on to share that content with their friends and colleagues.


We are here for you. If you have a problem or concern, we want to know so we can solve it. We also encourage you and your team to regularly touch base with us letting us know about any other upcoming promotions, events or accomplishments  so we can get the word out to your followers. 


We realize that not all of our clients possess the technical savvy to navigate the social media registration process and will setup accounts  for you.


Along with your online services your package will also include:

  • custom graphic headers for posting purposes

  • seasonal greeting graphics for posting purposes

  • an advertising budget will be included at an additional cost for ads and post boosting.  

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