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When approached Willow Graphix & Co. offering us a partnership in services we were like

"heck yeah!"

their the best web design platform EVER!

So what does that mean for you?

It means you are going to get a fabulous website designed by an incredible group of creatives who's main goal is your success!

and...because is such an amazing platform, instead of us having to focus on writing code...zzz...zz we can focus on super cool stuff like



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that search engines use to generate high-quality results for the user based on quality matching keywords and organic website traffic.



It is essential that your website functions well so that users can browse with ease. From actions to interactivity, the right functionality is crucial for a website.



Your website represents your brand, and therefore should be designed with your brand in mind! This ensures that the user is not only captivated but also can be sure it's your custom website.



With a multitude of different devices that can now access the internet, it's become essential that your website can be viewed properly on other mobile platforms as well as desktops.

The Internet represents the biggest and most accessible marketplace in the world. Customers simply expect businesses to have a website these days; in the same way, they expect them to have a phone number. People have very high expectations for how a website should look and perform. You have approximately 20 seconds to make a positive impression and motivate them to engage with your business and explore your website.

Your content should be fresh, easy to manage, mobile friendly and consisting clearly of your brand. Your content should be updated regularly and your site revamped every 3 to 4 years.  A website revamp will help keep your website relevant both in technology and in the consistently changing search engine algorithms. 

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