Willow Graphix & Co. is about more then just business.  It is also about wanting to give.  It is about reaping and sowing.   

Willow Graphix & Co. is a proud supporter of Georgian Bay General Hospital and Life4Kids.

Life4Kids and GBGH make positive impact on people's lives daily and continue to need support from those who can give.  

Please visit these sites and perhaps you too can give.


We know the costs of starting a new business and all the hidden expenses in its infancy.

Willow Graphix & Co donates logo designs to  qualified, new entrepreneurs who have a limited budget and they "just need a break"

If you know of an adventurous individual who is braving the task of starting their own business and they "just need a break" please pass along our contact info or send us theirs.

"We are all on the journey of life together,

let's do it in kindness and love."


OFFICE: 705.527.4343

355 Cranston Crescent 

PO Box 146

Midland ON,  L4R 4K3


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