It is essential that your website and web marketing efforts are well designed; search engine friendly with effective navigation and features consistency of branding that clearly communicates your

marketing message.

The Internet represents the biggest and most accessible market place in the world. Customers simply expect businesses to have a website these days; in the same way they expect them to have a phone number. People have very high expectations for how a website should look and perform. You have approximately 20 seconds to make a positive impression and motivate them to engage with your business and explore your website.

Your content should be fresh, easy to manage, mobile friendly and consisting clearly of your brand message.  Your content should be updated regularly and your site revamped every 3 to 4 years.  A website revamp will help keep your website relevant both in technology and in the consistently changing search engine algorithms. 

At WG&Co our focus is on creating visually appealing web designs that represent our clients brand, communicate our clients message, meet the needs of our client’s customers and are formatted for best search engine optimization (SEO). And with the ever increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, campanies need a website that looks great and performs well across all devices. 


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